Beyond The Buzzword: Ensuring Your Marketing Spend Generates ROI

In a time of ongoing uncertainty, budget cuts and increasing pressures, ensuring that your marketing budget generates an optimal return on investment has never been so crucial. 
ROI is a common buzzword that we’re all familiar with. But at some point, “Return On Investment” has become a phrase tossed around so frequently it’s lost all context and remains a mystery to many marketers. It’s time ROI is untangled from all the marketing jargon that’s said too often and means very little.


How do you determine ROI? Is there a single, perfect way to measure ROI? Zymplify have the answers.

1. The Marketing Puzzle: Connecting The Dots Between Marketing and Sales

 At the core of any great marketing plan lies measurable marketing metrics that define success. Likes, reach, engagement, clicks – the list goes on, but do these metrics actually measure in the success of your campaigns?
Put simply, no. None of these statistics really matter when there’s one key metric that trumps them all – your sales.
If your sales are anything less than desirable, then all other metrics fly straight out the window. It doesn’t matter if you have high engagement – your content should be driving sales as the final end point. To measure the effectiveness of your marketing and spend, you need to look if it’s driving revenue.
Marketing is always part of the sales process and the dots absolutely connect. But for many businesses, they’re just rolling the dice and hoping for the best. Zymplify can help you create a clear picture of how your marketing is generating sales. 
Using Zymplify’s tools, you can drive demand through a funnel that nurtures your prospects from a targeted persona right through the pipeline into a scorching-hot lead, then a sale.
Zymplify’s automated end-to-end system helps with everything at every step of your buyer’s journey.
And when we say everything, we mean everything: prospecting, CRM, content delivery, multi-channel targeting, Buyer Intent Data, consistent lead scoring, sales activity management and website, email and social media marketing.
Our system ensures your marketing team are generating qualified leads and your sales team deal with ‘hot’ leads that are ready to purchase.

2. Being Smart With Your Resources, Limited or Not

The pandemic has led to cuts to marketing activity all across the globe and future-proofing has never been so vital. Times are tougher, teams are tighter, but businesses need to keep making profit.
Effective marketers are driven to connect their time, energy and marketing spend with results that contribute to company growth – and that can be tough! So, how do you produce concrete results and ensure ROI for your business without draining all your resources?
How do you do more with less and drive a consistent return on investment?
One word – Zymplify! 
Investing in our marketing automation system enables you to supercharge the number of qualified leads you generate, accurately track your prospects and customers in a sales pipeline that is bespoke to your business, and ensures you work smarter – not harder – in generating sales and gaining a competitive edge. 
With Zymplify’s dashboard, you can review how much return you’ve achieved from each individual campaign channel, alongside the breakdown based on each marketing channel – all in one place.
Our platform is connected to multiple data sources (e.g. your social channels, your website, your digital ads channels) and can help attribute your spend with the relevant marketing activity.
Zymplify’s tools let you see how each of your campaigns and campaign activities are performing against how much you’ve spent – meaning we can determine your sales value so your ROI is tangible.
Most importantly, Zymplify will help you answer, with confidence, “where should I spend my next pound to drive the greatest impact?”

3. The Proof Is In The Pudding 

Let’s be honest – it can be incredibly frustrating when you’re speaking to the boss about exploring a new marketing opportunity and the recurring topic of conversation seems to always fall back to ROI. The only way to really prove your efforts is to close the marketing and sales loop – and Zymplify is here to help. 
By managing all your channels under one roof, Zymplify lets you gain an all-round, holistic approach to your multichannel strategy. You can see how easily the number of leads are coming off the back of your marketing efforts and find out how much of the total sales pipeline is generated from your department. 
In a nutshell: our platform will help you gain full ROI visibility and help you understand your spend, by day, across each of your data sources and (hopefully) keep the boss happy. 
It’s time to market faster, more effectively and more efficiently. Accelerate your revenue today with Zymplify. 
Book a demo today and see how Zymplify can put you in control, prioritise your budget and create lasting, concrete results! 

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