Forecast your Future with Buyer Intent Data

No, we haven’t opened a psychic side-line like Mystic Meg. But we do have something that will allow you to forecast your future lead generation efforts ahead of 2020.

Analytics and data have never been more important when it comes to digital marketing. You need to know exactly what you’re putting into your machine (data) to be able to measure it accordingly and continuously improve (analytics).

Today, even the most experienced digital marketers are struggling to generate a steady stream of hot leads. With more and more digital trends evolving, and constantly updated algorithms, forecasting is becoming increasingly difficult.


Benefits of trend forecasting

Trend forecasting, in any business, can be a complicated but useful way to look at past sales or market growth. You can determine possible trends from that data and use the information to conclude what might happen in the future. As a digital marketing expert, you should use trend forecasting to help determine potential future sales growth.

Forecasting is based on tangible, concrete numbers from the past, and is used to shape a picture of what the future might look like. It’s an incredibly important and useful aspect of business as it allows you to create solutions to problems before they even arise.

Just like any marketing analytics, forecasting has a wealth of benefits which include, but are not limited to:

  • Help keep your customers happy
  • You can learn from past experiences which might not have worked out
  • Keeps the company looking forward
  • Save on unnecessary staffing costs
  • Remain competitive in an expanding market
  • Prepare for funding and extra financing
  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Help prepare for a drop in sales
  • Prepare for a new business or upsell opportunity


So, how can Buyer Intent Data help you forecast the future?

Consumers emit signals of their purchase intent online every day. To push them over the edge and influence their buying decision, you need to engage with them at the right moment with the right content, via the most relevant channel.

However successful this might sound, relying on traditional data to do this would be near enough impossible.

Buyer Intent Data gives you this information in the palm of your hand, metaphorically speaking. You can get right in front of the right prospects without the guessing work.


What is Buyer Intent?

Buyer Intent Data (sometimes known as Behavioural Intent Data, Purchase Intent Data or Customer Insights) is not a new phenomenon. Put simply it is information collected on a company or person’s engagement activities.

Until recently, buyer intent data has been mainly restricted to first-party sources, i.e. online interactions like visiting your website and offline interactions like attending your stand at a tradeshow. These are sources that you control and have access to. Truly valuable buyer intent data comes from signals that are happening away from your website or landing pages. It is this data that is now becoming a highly sought-after commodity.

When a potential customer is talking to your competitors, attending events that are in your field or talking about topics relevant to your products or services they leave signals behind that can be mined and turned into extremely valuable insights for marketers and salespeople.


Zymplify’s Buyer Intent Engine

While there are lots of vendors out there who can offer you Buyer Intent Data, you need to ask yourself a number of questions before you sign up. For example, G2 (the premier technology review site) collects data on all visitors to their respective industry categories and will sell company-level data to the vendors they have listed.


Catch up on our Buyer Intent Data Webinar with G2 now.


This is great data, but it is not all-encompassing. It’s restricted to traffic on the G2 site and is company level, which means you cannot target the person who is taking the action.

Zymplify’s buyer intent data delivers account-based insight at the level of the individual. What this means is we find intent signals from a wide range of publicly available sources on the web. We mine that data using our advanced technology to provide useful insights at an account level. In addition, we provide our customers with both company-level data and the email address, position and contact number for the actual individual.


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