How Agencies Have Been Using Marketing Automation to Manage Multiple Accounts


A successful marketing agency needs a solid foundation to work from.

Managing numerous clients and accounts, all with the same goal but different objectives, can be challenging and require a lot of man-hours and preparation. Every client will have a different marketing stack so finding a way to easily integrate them within the agency’s process is vital.

“Two of the most reported challenges for marketing agencies are finding services to offer that differentiate themselves from the competition and adopting new marketing technologies to gain a competitive advantage.”

Your MarTech stack all in one place.

Acquiring an all-in-one marketing tool, without mixing your MarTech stack, on one easy-to-use platform, is helping agencies, reduce overheads and increase ROI for clients as well as managing their in-house marketing, helping to drive new business.  Comparing the cost of a business MarTech compared to using one platform, shows a substantial difference.

“79% of top-performing agency leaders reported using marketing automation tools for 3-years or more.”

Changing the way agencies work in the future.

Zymplify’s marketing automation platform empowers agencies to manage their entire MarTech stack in one place, with additional features, agencies are only discovering.

Read our case study now to see how NavaTalk grew with the help of Zymplify 

We didn’t use any marketing automation software before we used Zymplify, and it honestly has changed how we work as a digital agency.” Tim McKane, NavaTalk

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