How to Generate High Quality Leads for Your Clients

How to Generate High Quality Leads for Your Clients.

As a digital agency, your clients rely on you to help them bring in leads to their business. Bringing in leads is one thing, generating high-quality leads? Well, that's a different story.

So how can you generate high quality leads for your clients? The answer is simple, by helping your client identify, engage, educate and motivate a prospect before they ask for a sale. To do that, there are three steps you must consider, and we'll share them with you below.


Prospecting With Purpose 

If you're still spending time manually prospecting for you and your clients, then you're missing a trick. You'll never be able to help them scale and grow as quickly as their competitors by using these methods, and that isn't the result that they or you are looking for. 

In the digital age we live in, you must be using the right tools to bring in the right prospects. These days prospecting isn't about calling cold leads. Nobody has time for that, nobody wants it, and it really isn't necessary with the range of intelligent data tools at your disposal. 

Zymplify has no less than four automated prospecting tools that allow you to prospect quickly, with purpose and at scale. They automate the process of finding prospects from a range of sources gathering intelligent information to identify if they are a good fit for the business. 

These allow you to provide your clients with a list of high-quality prospects, with full up to date contact details wherever possible. 


Imagine if you could supply your clients with a list of prospects who had been visiting their competitors websites? With G2 Intent you can. Click here to find out more.



Intelligent Nurture

Once you've identified suitable prospects for your clients, you can begin work on turning those prospects into leads, and the way to do this is through a robust automated journey delivering a variety of valuable, rich and engaging content suited to their interests and motivations. 

It can be easy to think that once you've got a prospect's contact details that the easy part is done, however, the nurture stage is the most crucial element and often where warm leads can quickly go cold if left to their own devices – not what your client wants!

The key to turning a prospect into a high quality lead to hand over to your client is the delivery of well-crafted content across a range of customer touchpoints including email, blogs, social media and digital advertising.

When using a platform such as Zymplify intelligent lead scoring systems then allow you to segment and tailor the journey the prospect takes based on their engagement levels on that content. This, in turn, enables you to take advantage of the automation to send highly targeted emails to the right leads driving demand for your client's products or services. 


Knowing When They are Ready

Using the right platform will allow you to track, and quality leads for your clients and determine if and when they are ready to be handed over to the client or sales team. Using the scores from your nurture activities, you will be able to know precisely at what point that is. 

Once prospects are ready, you can begin the preliminary work for your client by delivering sales outreach emails to the more qualified leads.

Did you know that positive reviews make 91% of consumers more likely to use a business? Case studies, testimonials and reviews highlighting customer success are an excellent opportunity for your client to show that their business can help their ideal clients succeed, and achieve their goals by choosing them as the provider of choice. Case studies are an excellent form of content to send prospects at this point in the journey when they are close to being ready to buy.

The final step will be to move them into the sales pipeline at just the right time. Your clients will be delighted when you can hand over a pool of the hottest pre-qualified, and engaged leads ready for them to close the sale.  

Did you know that Zymplify's powerful demand automation capabilities allow you to create real leads for your clients, fast? You can create, manage and launch multichannel campaigns and journeys, enabling your prospects to take a unique journey delivering content that's totally tailored to them based on their engagement levels and interests.  


If you want to know more you can register for our weekly platform demo webinar. Reserve your place and we'll show you exactly how to generate the highest quality leads for your clients, fast. 


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