Precision Reporting: A Template for Tracking Marketing Campaigns and Sales Metrics



Reporting. The word most akin to Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. Are you a spreadsheet geek, with formulas, pivot tables and conditioning statements a plenty, or do you dread the very word and have to scramble each time you’re asked for a statistic. I have to admit, I lay somewhere in the middle. I could spend a few hours delving into engagement metrics, cost per click, landing page views, new leads over time and by channel, lead to deal, deal to sale, and the list goes on. Then I snap out of it – remembering I have social media posts to schedule and content to create. The reality for most sales professionals and fellow marketers is that we just don’t have the time to document and track every metric that leads to a sale.

We should be though. Tracking the key metrics from each channel that lead to a conversation with sales, and tracking the sales activities that ultimately convert allow us to make more intelligent business decisions informed by the data, rather than anecdotal information and “we’ve always did it this ways”. Most importantly, intelligent business decisions lead to higher conversion rates and increased revenue. Helpful, if you’re planning to scale your business fast.

Precision Reporting

Essential for both marketing and sales departments, Precision Reporting is about measuring progress, showing value and identifying gaps in strategy to improve performance and meet your goals.
Analytics with Zymplify changes the game for reporting. All of the data points are presented in an easy to understand format, in one place. Literally, 100’s of metrics are recorded within the platform. Don’t be overwhelmed though. Each business can focus on what metrics matter to them and create fully customised and bespoke reports for your business. Have individual objectives for each channel? No problem. You can, for example, create a report for Facebook that focuses on likes and video views and create a LinkedIn report that focuses on click throughs to the website.
Precision Reporting provides you with crucial insights on your sales and marketing performance, so you can make data-driven decisions, fast. You can also create and share in-depth reports with stakeholders who are interested in seeing how you’re actually performing. Handy, if your CEO likes to view campaign and sales performance in real time, and for agencies whose clients would like daily or weekly snapshots of activity.
The best part in my opinion? It all updates automatically. No need to download, export, copy or paste. Track lead generation live, or focus on a particular week or month. Compare day to day, week to week, or month to month within a few clicks with advanced filtering options. Identify a downward trend and adapt for strategy to ensure you hit your monthly target or celebrate the wins and duplicate for future campaigns and sales outreach.

Zymplify’s Precision Reporting Tools

At Zymplify, we wrap our Precision Reporting tools around our four other Precision Hubs. This means that we track metrics from always on marketing activities, discovering prospects, campaign and automated journeys performance, and full sales and cadence tracking. Effectively, we track from lead to deal.

1. Precision Marketing

With Precision Reporting you can drill down into metrics for organic social posts, email blasts, blog posts, and paid advertising all within the dashboard. Within each area, track the reach, opens, clicks, views, and number of posts at a glance. Helpful if you’d like to take a quick look at how yesterday’s LinkedIn post has performed or tracking how many clients have opened up the monthly newsletter. Want to carry out a more in depth analysis?  Zymplify has partnered with Google Data Studio to give you a breakdown of the key performance indicators to measure for each channel. Everything from Google Analytics to LinkedIn Ad performance is tracked and analysed within the platform. That’s right – no need to log in to Google Analytics only to find they’ve moved the location of your favourite metric. It will be in the same place in the Data Studio report. All marketers collectively breathe a sigh of relief.

2. Precision Prospecting

Using Zymplify’s Precision Prospecting tools you can study your prospects’ digital behaviours by tracking their intent signals on social media and even monitor whether your prospects are searching for and reading your content. You can find out if they are comparing you against other solutions and platforms on the market or even when they are visiting your website. Reporting on the topics your prospective customers are interested in and the keywords they are researching, using the up to date information, will not only help you personalise your initial message but also helps you make sure your offer is relevant to their exact needs. Having a quick response to any change in your prospecting is the best way to stay ahead of the competition and optimise your future strategies.

3. Precision Engagement

Within the Precision Engagement hub you gain an holistic understanding of your overall campaign performance; spend, number of leads, and most importantly the number of deals.In this area you create the landing pages that your channels lead to, each with their own trackable link for the landing page as well as each individual channel. As all the marketing and sales teams have access to this area, each team can provide feedback on how leads are performing at each stage of the funnel, creating a truly collaborative approach to demand generation. Using this feedback, you can double down on what is working and quickly identify anything that needs to be addressed.
The main goal of automated journeys is to lead target audiences to your website where you can showcase what your organisation does, explain your services and convince them of your solutions. As well as tracking your emails sent, opened and drafted you can track whether your leads responded to your call to action and visited your dedicated pages.
Overall this boils down to being able to track live campaign return on investment from within the Zymplify platform.

4. Precision Sales

Metrics within the Precision Sales Hub revolve around those important measurements that monitor and predict revenue coming into the business. Track the number of new deals, or sales qualified leads, coming into the pipeline. Measure the value that each of them have, allowing the sales team to prioritise getting the highest value lead over the line to a sale On the flip side, look back on deals that have been closed or lost, analyse at which stage the deals are lost at and make adjustments to your sales strategy accordingly.
Sales managers can monitor individual sales activities performed by each team member, and quickly look at what their best performing sales performance is doing differently than the others. Are their personal outreach messages more engaging, are they putting in place an extra call during the evaluation stage? Notice these trends and duplicate, effectively cloning your best salesperson.

Combining access to reliable real-time data within Precision Reporting on a single platform, you will have all the information you need ready to hyper-personalised reports present in the boardroom. When you take a step back and analyse Precision Reporting you’ll notice the overarching theme is finding out what marketing and sales tactics are working and allowing you to do more of that, increasing revenue, and scaling your business fast.

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