Ultimate Guide To Marketing Automation At Scale


In digital marketing in 2020, there’s no excuse to fear technology. The only thing to fear is our ability to over- or underestimate its ability to work with in the best ways we need it to.

Marketing automation is not a new digital solution.

But what is new is a marketing automation platform that combines the functions of multiple marketing subscriptions out there and streamlines them on one easy-to-access website, accessible to each and every staff member, from marketing across to sales. No need for a tech team. No fancy equipment bolted-on.

Marketing automation platform, like Zymplify, is a marketing subscription which supercharges your results, helps sales and marketing work seamlessly together and boosts the conversions of your prospects to leads, leads to sales. And did we mention this happens overnight?

Here’s how.

Time Is Money: Starting Saving It

Time is an expensive resource, especially when it’s undervalued. The only time when time is really of “the essence” is when you’re wasting it. It’s an invisible inefficiency being lost as hours and days spent working manual tasks, like data mining, internet combing, spreadsheet compiling, report auditing and database updating. Not to mention the prospect hunting and campaign ideation thrown on top. Is it any wonder marketing spends more time on admin, than actually marketing?

Marketing technology seems like the fast fix, especially when research shows that the boom in technological growth is responding to a worldwide marketing need, with 7,034 different marketing technology platforms and solutions available on the market – and growing. These tech solutions offer help in advertising and promotion, content creation, social relationships, ecommerce, marketing data, and marketing management.

But once you have subscribed, are you sure your team is effectively managing multiple MarTech software, on top of the separate apps and web pages, countless spreadsheets and numerous folders on shared internal drives? Multiple sign-ins and access points for campaigns – from start to finish – is the fastest way to duplicate workload. And we often don’t even realise it!

Using Zymplify, our marketing automation combines the functions of content scheduling, reporting, marketing data, prospect hunting, funnel nurturing, lead generation and lead qualification – and more! – all in one easily accessible website, where every member of your team can access the same files in the one space.

Automation With Results: How Zymplify Works

  • Prospecting: Our platform works 24/7 to source your prospects, using Buyer Intent software to locate your ideal personas, especially the prospects currently in buying mode and already searching for your exact product or service. Our tools can locate prospect data using our LinkedIn Prospector, where 40 million of the 100 million active daily users are in decision-making roles in the company’s you have your eyes on. Our LinkedIn Prospector can extract relevant LinkedIn profiles and automatically source their contact information to include email addresses, job titles and names, giving you access to contact info. Not only that, our prospecting also includes the power of our Domain Prospector, where you can upload a list of companies into our software and we reveal all the relevant contact information, putting them directly into your funnel.
  • Scheduling: Once your ideal prospects are in your funnel, we can automate the delivery of your marketing content, so your key messaging will nurture each of your prospects and leads depending on the signals they’re giving off. Each signal will determine a stage in your buyers funnel and trigger the delivery of content that appeals to their exact stage: from blogs to catalogues, we deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right prospects. Every time.
  • Database Management: list management is never easy, but using Zymplify, our software automatically updates your lists to reflect changes to personas, locations, lead scoring, client details, intent and more. You set the rules, Zymplify does the work.
  • Contact Updating: Any time one of your prospects or leads update their contact details, our tools scour the internet to update your records with the most up-to-date contact details.
  • Email Scheduling: Who wouldn’t love to save time on email scheduling? It’s the bane of every marketer’s existence. With Zymplify, you can schedule email campaigns a month in advance so you can schedule a month’s worth of email content in one sitting. Our emailing tools allow you to set the rules for retargeting so you can contact those who haven’t opened, clicked or visited a certain page.
  • Lead Management: Zymplify’s lead management creates a vital link between marketing and sales. Our system gives you eyes on lead acquisition at every step: from identifying potential buyers, nurturing your leads with responses to their needs, engages with them and once they’re ready, our system qualifies them.
  • Lead Qualification: Lead qualification is the fastest way to ensure your leads are Marketing Qualified, before shipping them off, ready-for-the-pitch, to the desks of your sales team, so your feed in points for collaboration are defined and cyclical.
  • Scoring Leads: Instead of predicting when a lead is edging closer to a sale, our lead scoring can tell you when a lead is cold (time to deliver content) or hot (time to pitch a sale) – so you never strike a sale too soon!

No more messing around with a variety of marketing technology with Zymplify. Our platform gives you more time to work effectively and efficiently, while supercharging the speed of your results.

See how Zymplify can transform your marketing team today.

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