What’s Been the Impact of COVID-19 on Buyer Intent?

As we become increasingly adept at navigating the challenges of the current climate, businesses are gearing up for a reimagined way of buying and interacting with potential products and services. Whilst there’s no doubt that you will have had to rethink your strategies, the key message is that there are still buyers in your market.

According to an April 2020 survey, over half of larger B2B companies expect to maintain and even increase their spend. This indicates that there are still connections and deals to be made within the market, but what are some of the major changes you need to take note of when targeting your prospects now?

Bigger businesses are buying:

Now is the time to target the bigger players in your market, who have the cash flow and are potentially increasing their spend. Perhaps these are the businesses which you were apprehensive to approach pre-pandemic, or are ones you’d not previously considered as prospects? Well, now is the time to strike, as businesses are looking for services and products that can help in their bounceback strategy.

Defining a new audience may seem like a daunting task, but there is data ready and waiting to provide the all-important insight you need. Harnessing intent data, which highlights companies that are showing active buying signals, can also help you to tap into the businesses who are looking for your services now, and is easy to implement with help from our Growth Experts.

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Businesses are looking to learn & to be informed:

According to the Marketing Insider Group, businesses are researching and looking to be informed. As such, offering informative resources that your prospects can use now is an ideal way to keep these businesses involved and with you throughout their buying journey. Finding the details of and contacting potential prospects to keep them informed and engaged may seem difficult – however, Zymplify is able to offer the ability to source contacts and reach them in an easy manner.

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Increased importance on staying connected:

With 88% of businesses now working remotely, your target markets have a renewed appreciation for connectivity. In the B2B landscape, more teams are connecting via video conferencing, with email also becoming increasingly important. So, keeping communication open with your prospects is key is ensuring a maintained relationship, and these digital channels have become the norm for these conversations.

These major changes will no doubt impact the way that you engage with businesses, but ensuring that you have the right offering, which matches up with their requirements, is also key.

The theme of connectivity also informs what your potential buyers will be looking for. In a recent study, one third of businesses surveyed did not feel that they have the right infrastructure which can help their teams to stay connected, and assist in keeping conversations flowing with their own audiences. So, software and digital solutions which can help businesses to optimise their processes will be invaluable for their operations. Ultimately, there is a wide ranging need for teams to ‘bridge the gap’, so if your product or service offering can work with long-term goals and a view to a post-Coronavirus landscape, whilst improving and developing operations, there’s a strong likelihood that your prospects will welcome your introduction.

Much like your own business, Zymplify have worked to further evolve our processes in light of the current climate, and after developing our strategies over the years, we are well equipped to support your company through this challenging time, in identifying, targeting and growing your business pipeline, through automation, insight and expert advice.

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