Data- If It’s Not Precise It’s Not Worth Using


Traditional methods of creating marketing strategies, basing campaigns on assumptions, and employing a trial and error approach have no place in today’s consumer-driven market.

Market trends change FAST, so it’s more important than ever that marketing strategies are built on up-to-date information.

Data is becoming increasingly important for every industry. Getting to know granular details about customers gives marketers and sales departments the information which can help refine, enhance and improve any marketing strategy.

Using data to create actionable insights is easier to achieve than it was a decade ago. Compared to five or ten years ago third-party data, which now forms the basis of precision strategies, was not available for CMO’s.

Rather than resisting the inevitable change, McKinsey reported that marketers are embracing the importance of using precise data in their campaigns.

Here’s why you need to consider using precise data:

Boost your ROI

In their, The big reset: Data-driven marketing in the next normal report, McKinsey revealed that marketing budgets across the industry have been slashed for most companies, with six out of ten marketers reporting major cuts. Modern marketers must focus more on the financial elements of their organisational strategies, they must be able to manage shrinking budgets and deliver a high return on investment.

Access to real-time data can help you boost return on investment and amplify your marketing and sales efforts. The ability to see at a glance how your audience responds to a campaign at any given time provides you with tremendous insight into what works and what doesn’t.

With Zymplify’s data dashboard you can monitor your marketing and sales teams’ progress broken down to individual campaigns. With accurate contact data, you have the tools and insights to hyper-segment your marketing campaigns and better target your audience for higher conversion rates.  You can see the progress of any individual campaign your organisation is running at any given time to make sure you are on the right track.

Keep your databases up to date

Outdated or inaccurate databases are a constant challenge for marketers and salespeople. Static databases are degrading at a surprising rate. Leading US credit companies reported that around 14% of revenue loss happens due to poor quality data and reports suggest B2B data is decaying at a rate of 70.3% annually, and every month, 3% of data becomes out of date (

Consolidating, analysing, and acting on insights from consumer data is the foundation of any successful customer-focused campaign.

Dirty data can not only cost your business time and money, but it can also lead to reduced productivity, unnecessary spending, and unreliable decision-making.
With Zymplify, you can easily manage your CRM database, obtain precision data with ease, and prevent your data from going stale and your leads from going cold. The easy-to-use search tools and intent signal tracking technology ensure you get the most up-to-date information available.

Understand your customers better

Details on customer behaviour are essential for successful marketing and sales approaches. Relying on assumptions based on historical data could leave organisations playing catch up with competitors who have already embraced a data-driven approach.
Collecting, reporting, and analysing buyer intent data is a big part of the shift allowing both sales and marketing professionals to map out the buying journey of their prospects, and helps create the right message to reach them on the right platforms at the right time.

Monitoring buyer intent signals can give you essential insights into how your customers are behaving online. Zymplify’s precision data tools can track your prospects’ activities such as engaging with a competitor, visiting your website, or researching your product.

Insight is everything for successful marketing and sales campaigns and Zymplify makes it easy to act on these insights.

It is the first end-to-end precision marketing and sales platform on the market that lets you manage your CRM database, obtain precision data and monitor all your marketing activities and sales cadences in a single platform.

Combined with industry-leading data platform integrations like G2, Zymplify can give you unrivaled access to valuable buyer intent data and contact level information to key decision-makers in your industry.

With Zymplify you get access to:

✅ 400m B2B business profiles complete with phone numbers and email addresses
✅ 50b+ content signals which monitor intent topics and provide additional layers of intent by highlighting high-value content consumption across over 5k sites
✅ 20m+ intent signals for monitoring competitors, keywords, corporate events, job postings and company growth signals
✅ 5K+ B2B content sites for comprehensive coverage across all the major B2B content sites

Are you ready to see where precision data can take you?

Book a Free no-obligation demo with a Zymplify team member to talk through what the Zymplify Platform can do for you!

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