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You could have the perfect content to engage your target audience but unless it is delivered at the exact time your prospects are looking for it, it could end up sitting in their inbox unopened.

Potential prospects who have just realised their need for your product or service will not be converted by strong sales pitches and vice versa those who are ready to purchase won’t engage with generic, informational content.

Whether it’s your advertisement on their preferred social media platform, an email, or downloadable content on your website, the moment a prospect learns about your brand, they enter into a buyer journey.

As with every precision strategy, your precision engagement will rely on accurate personas and verified up-to-date information on your target audience.

Collecting buyer intent data of your prospects’ online behaviour and mapping it to the buyer journey helps to provide insights and a richer picture of what actions and behaviours they typically take prior to purchasing. This information, combined with extensive buyer intent data, can be used to help inform you of which stage of the journey your prospects and future buyers are on.

Prospects and potential customers typically follow a buyer journey map, which contains five key stages: 

1. Identification of Need.
2. Research.
3. Intent.
4. Purchase.
5. After-Sales.

Understanding where your leads are in your sales funnel is an essential part of your precision engagement strategy. During each stage of the buyer journey, specific messaging and content is required to cater to the needs of your prospect, and help them progress from one stage to the next.

Top, middle, and bottom of the funnel content are equally important, however, at the beginning of their journey, you need to provide your prospects with content that recognises their need and offers a solution. While bottom of the funnel content can help secure a sale through providing more specific and detailed information, social proof, and competitor comparisons.

Unfortunately, unless your product is the only one on the market, your buyers will be presented with a range of alternatives to your solution. Them expressing an interest in your solution does not guarantee that they will convert, therefore, it is crucial to engage them in real-time to make sure they considered your brand throughout their buyer journey. found that 72% of B2B buyers selected vendors with who they have engaged within the first 3 months of their buying process, which confirms, the sooner you react, the higher the chance your prospects will engage with your brand.

The fastest way to act on changing consumer trends and engage with your prospects at the right time with ease is marketing automation.

Precision Engagement is made easy with Zymplify.

With a wide array of integrated, automated tools you can easily set up automated journeys to onboard new customers, keep subscribers engaged, and keep people coming back to your brand at key moments. You can set your own parameters and scoring system to automatically send your prospects to the appropriate departments based on the actions they take.

The automated campaign builder, with pre-programmed codes, helps you to designate a channel, and add your leads to an audience on your LinkedIn ad account, your Facebook ad account, and more, depending on your specifications.

To make sure you allocate your resources correctly, the built-in reporting allows you to see what marketing and sales tactics work effectively, and which ones don’t, so you can double down your efforts on the ones that generate success and stop wasting resources on the ones that don’t generate sales.

The Buyer Funnel tool in Zymplify’s precision engagement toolkit allows you to create a visual representation of your sales funnel and place your prospects at their respective stage.

This not only helps your team pinpoint where your prospects are at any given time but it will highlight any gaps in your marketing and sales content and communications. Once you know what is missing, you can focus on providing your prospects with relevant information and move them through the sales pipeline and buyer journey.

Are you ready to take your engagement to the next level?

Zymplify is the only solution on the market that facilitates persona creation, campaign building, sales cadences and precision reporting in a single platform.

Save time and money by choosing a single solution for all your prospecting needs.

Speed up the busy working day and save your team 8 hours or more every week and start prospecting at scale by sending hot leads straight to your sales team from a single platform.

Book a Free no-obligation demo with a Zymplify team member to talk through what the Zymplify Platform can do for you!

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