Prospecting – Who’s Job is it Anyway?

Prospecting. A word filled with so much promise. It offers the possibility of sales on the horizon, but it’s a task that can be anything but pleasant.

At Zymplify, we want to redefine the way you look at prospecting – and for good! It’s time to wake up to the powers of cross-team prospecting and refine the way your sales and marketing teams work.

What Is Prospecting Anyway?

Prospecting allows you to hone your company’s focus on the right accounts, so you can form a tried and tested pathway to closing the deal and raising the bar on the quality of your prospects. When you do that, you develop a database – or a blueprint – of potential customers, which is vital in making your sales a success.

But prospecting often lacks ownership and when it does, it directly impacts your profits and the continuity of the narrative which nurtures prospects in the first place.

You need to ensure all eyes – from both marketing and sales – are focused on prospecting. It’s a tough job and it needs all hands on deck.  

If marketing and sales are working disjointedly, then you better believe it’s impacting how your prospects are being targeted. Whereas a single vision and joint-ownership leads to best success.


But Whose Job Is It Anyway?

Prospecting is the first hurdle in your funnel. It’s what makes profit possible because every sale starts with a prospect. Your prospects make the last lap of your buyer’s journey towards your sales team, but in getting there, prospects often float in the uncharted territory of no man’s land.

And that’s never where your prospects should be. Why is it so difficult to nail down whose job it is?

In short – it’s everyone’s. But everyone doesn’t know it.

Is marketing busy focusing the entirety of their attention on creating content and campaign strategies, and in the process, overlooking the fundamental reality of what their content is there to achieve in the first place – landing your prospects? Without the right people to put your content in front of, your content becomes pointless. 

Are your sales team scrolling LinkedIn in the hopes of finding the elusive perfect prospect, just simply by scrolling social media? Are their black books tired from endless page turning? Or worse – are they cold calling? In 2020? Cue the awkward silence.

If this sounds like the working patterns of either team, then we’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but your prospecting is underdelivering because your teams don’t know whos job it is. 

Stop passing the puck and start laying down the groundwork. It’s time to remove your teams’ blinkers and open their eyes to shared prospecting.

Drive Efficiency & Success

We understand if you’re away giving sales and marketing a royal kick up the proverbial kisser, but reorienting the focus onto prospecting as a joint endeavour is a lot easier said than done.

That’s why you need to stay on top of your game with the latest tools which can work alongside marketing and sales to deliver the best results in the most efficient way.

Obviously, your sales team has total ownership of sales (duh!) and their end goal is to smoothly transition leads into profit. But a good quality lead is the product of excellent prospects and to get to the sale, your prospects need to be active and engaged. 

As the team who is fielding end-of-funnel leads, sales need to work with marketing to help outline the personas of your ideal prospects.

When you have cross-team collaboration, your prospecting personas will better fuel your funnel.

With Zymplify, our prospecting tool can do the prospect hunting for you, using your persona lists to scroll the internet so your teams don’t have to. 

By moving your funnel on to Zymplify, marketing can then schedule their content to be delivered on cue to your prospects at the right time of their journey. You set the rules, we send the content. 

Using our Lead Scoring, sales can watch prospects move down the funnel in real-time and know exactly when a prospect is making strides towards pitch-point. No more cold-calling. Only red-hot sales pitching.  

Throughout the whole prospecting process, sales are responsible for giving feedback to marketing on any closed or lost leads. Using Zymplify’s tools, sales can gauge the length of time it takes a prospect to turn into a lead, and a lead into a sale. The longer it takes, the less relevant your content is. 

Marketing can use Zymplify’s dashboard results to refine their content strategies so they can more efficiently evolve your prospects.

The beautiful thing about Zymplify’s pipeline: once your prospects enter our automated journey, your content schedule and multi-channel delivery will nurture your prospects and attract the perfect stranger – without hunting aimlessly or cold calling. Your little black books can remain safely in the drawer. 

If you’d like to re-envision prospecting for the better and accelerate your growth, get in touch. Our no-hassle demo shows you the ropes in making prospecting a dream.

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