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How will you prepare for your next job? There's no better place to start than the job interview itself. The Conexus Medstaff Complete Guide to Nursing Interviews is the ultmiate compendium of tips, know-how and inside information that healthcare facilities (hospitals, long-term care facilities, even family practictioners) are looking for in best practice RNs. By downloading  a free copy of our guide, you'll once again see how nurses can use a job interview as a building block to set a better way to deliver effective healthcare in the US.

Learn how to boss the job interview with Conexus Medstaff

The Nurses Guide answers all of your interview questions, like:
  • What an employer expects you to tell them with a given interview question
  • How you can approach the conversation as an "interview of the employer"
  • The best way to flip your own weakness sound like a positive
Learn How to Master Nurse Job Interviews
A Complete Guide for International Nurses & Graduates
Going into a job interview for a nurse's role in the United States means a massive amount of preparation. Without it, you are preparing to fail. This is the ultimate preparation guide for international nurses and graduates hoping to break through in the US. Learn and prepare for:
  • Job interview questions you might encounter
  • Handling questions about your weaknesses
  • Questions you can ask of your employer