Zymplify Precision Marketing and Sales Platform

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Manage the customer acquisition journey, from prospect to sale, flawlessly within one platform.


Find prospects that match your target customer profile


Don't waste valuable time and resources on disinterested prospects.

  • Input the perfect prospect criteria into our buyer intent engine.
  • Reveal the contact information of key decision makers directly on Chrome.
  • Prioritise prospects showing the strongest signs of intent to buy your product using Surge.
  • Add slow burner accounts to the Watchlist.


Reach new audiences in multiple channels


Launch multi-channel campaigns within one platform.

  • Create lead generating landing pages in-house at the drop of a hat.
  • Schedule social posts, email newsletters, and blogs at from one content hub.
  • Set up Google Ads with ease using our simplified builder.
    Monitor website visits and track returning prospects ready for sales outreach.


Engage prospects with automated workflows


Free your team to focus on lead generation instead of time intensive admin.

  • Set triggers based on level of intent or individually add to workflow.
  • Create multi-step email sequences.
  • Develop your own lead scoring criteria or adapt the default option.
  • Accelerate the sales cycle using Cadences
  • Automatically send hot leads to pipeline.


Convert leads to deals fast and manage the entire Pipeline


Ensure the pipeline is filled with a steady stream of quality leads. 

  • Create a pipeline that fits your own sales process.
  • Monitor, record, and assign activities that push the customer through the process.
  • Evaluate the best performing sales tactics and replicate across the team.
  • Forecast revenue predictions for the year ahead.

Capture the attention of interested buyers before anyone else


Zymplify’s data-driven marketing and sales platform has all the tools you need to supercharge your business growth. 


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